Construction Manager

Construction Manager

Most construction projects, from the smallest to the largest, involve a lot of moving pieces – from areas like carpentry and plumbing to overall structural design and integrity. It’s the job of a construction manager to make sure that all of these activities are planned, organized, and carried out efficiently and on a budget.

Construction managers plan, organize, and lead construction projects such as building houses, offices, and all types of commercial facilities. They are the person who creates the master project schedules and oversees the project and personnel as a whole.

A highly organized and detailed oriented person is ideal for this job, as they will be charged with overseeing entire operations as well as the people carrying out those operations. It also helps to have good analytical and problem solving skills, as well as the ability to lead and communicate clearly with team members.

Many people in this leadership role have a bachelor’s degree, however there are associate degrees in construction management, which combined with on-the-job training, can get you started on your way into management.


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Taking pride in your work, with results that can last for many years.  That's the feeling you can get with a career in construction and the many related skilled trades that support this vital industry.  If you looking for a career where you can be "hands-on," the opportunities in this field are abundant, from plumbers to planners.  For many careers in construction, you'll need specialized skills that can be gained through certificate programs.

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