Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

When you enter a dentist office, a dental assistant is often the first person you meet. This individual helps prepare both the patient and the exam room for the dentist, and may even help out with scheduling appointments, updating medical records, and dealing with insurance companies.

Dental assistants ready the dentist’s exam rooms and clients in addition to helping with administrative duties for the dental office. Their goal is not only to assist the dentist but also to help patients feel comfortable. We all know that going to the dentist can be a little intimidating and even a bit scary for some people, so for many people, the dental assistant is a friendly face who helps them feel more at ease.

If you’re interested in becoming a dental assistant, you should be organized and have good people skills. You’ll also need specialist training, as you will find yourself assisting the dentist during treatment, as well as helping patients understand instructions following any procedures the dentist has performed.

In Texas, there are different levels of certified or registered dental assistants, all of which require specialist training. Depending on your level of interest, there are accredited certificate and associate degree programs that can prepare you to enter this field.


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When you think about healthcare, your thoughts likely turn to doctors and nurses, and caring for patients. Career opportunities in healthcare today are not only in high demand they are also highly diverse – spanning a range of specialist areas and different settings from home to hospital. For many healthcare positions you can get your start with a certificate, and advance your career with an associate or bachelor’s degree.

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