General and Operations Manager

General and Operations Manager

A general and operations manager is the person whose primary role is to keep a business moving, whether that business manufactures goods or provides services. This role has broad responsibilities to ensure business operations are carried out successfully and efficiently.

This leadership role often coordinates across a company’s diverse functional areas, from policies and planning to personnel to purchasing. A key responsibility is to ensure that best practices and quality control are carried out and steps are taken to keep business flowing without interruptions.

Hiring, organizing, developing business goals, and inventorying supply and stock  are just some of the hats worn by a general and operations manager. If it helps turn the company operations wheel, the general and operations manager is likely involved. 

General and operations managers should have good decision making, communications and listening skills as well as the ability to think critically and solve problems. They should be good at organizing as well as delegating tasks to team members.

Most people in this leadership role have a Bachelor’s degree or at least some college, as well as five years or more of work experience.


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