Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineer

The world of the industrial engineer is where scientific and mathematical principles are applied to industry, to improve all types of business operations. That’s why you’ll find industrial engineers working in many industries, from harnessing energy from various sources to producing goods and services.

There is much more to the production process than machinery. People, supplies, costs, and overall planning and organization also play key roles. An industrial engineer works to incorporate all of these factors and create an overall flow that is effective and efficient.

Analytical skills are critical to an industrial engineer. Someone in this role must be able to look at the bigger picture, from start to finish, and make sure all of the pieces fit together and flow smoothly. They also must have good people skills and be able to communicate well.

If you’re interested in becoming an industrial engineer, you’ll most likely need a bachelor’s degree. To move into leadership positions, a master’s degree is also a plus.


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