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CollegeWorks is your one-stop shop for college and career exploration! We’re here to help you explore high-demand career options, connect you with college partners in Texas that offer programs in those career fields, and help you prepare for work after you graduate.


Explore Careers in your dream field

Have a head for business? Fascinated by science and high tech? Whatever your passions and interests, there’s a fulfilling career in your future. Start here to see what types of careers appeal to you.



Have a head for business? If you’re good with numbers and business-minded, you could find yourself working for all types and sizes of companies.

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If you’re ready for business, Texas is the state for you.

  • Accountant
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Sales Manager


If you want to be at the forefront of using cutting-edge technologies or making scientific discoveries, pursue your passion with a career in STEM/IT.

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Discover your future in STEM/IT.

  • Architectural and Civil Drafter
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Software Developer

Human/Public Service

To serve, protect and defend. If you feel called to a career in human and public service, there are many different avenues you can explore.

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Serve your community and the people who live there.

  • Firefighter
  • Paralegal
  • Social Worker

Arts and Communications

Feeling creative? You’ll be in good company in the arts and culture industry, where there’s lots of opportunities to work - especially behind the scenes.

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The arts are thriving in Texas - and you can too!

  • Graphic Designer
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Multimedia Artist


Have you been inspired by a teacher? If you want to make a meaningful difference in others’ lives, careers in education offer many choices.

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Influence lives and help change the world.

  • Special Education Teacher
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Elementary School Teacher

Health Sciences

Career opportunities in healthcare are in high demand and highly diverse – spanning a range of specialist areas and settings from home to hospital.

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Many ways to make a difference.

  • Dental Hygienist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Surgical Technologist

Manufacturing and Logistics

Not interested in a desk job? Today’s careers in manufacturing, transport and logistics are increasingly hi-tech, with specialized skills and knowledge.


Make it big in Texas!

  • Industrial Engineering Technologist or Technician
  • Logistician
  • Production, Planning or Expediting Clerk

Construction and Trades

Taking pride in your work, with results that can last for many years. That’s the feeling you can get with a career in construction or a related skilled trade.

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Build a bright future in Texas.

  • CADD Technician
  • Electrical/Electronics Repairer
  • Plumber
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