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Elementary School Teacher

From ABCs to fractions, the academic and social skills that elementary school teachers impart set a learning foundation for students from Kindergarten to the 6th grade.

Kindergarten and elementary school teachers typically instruct students in several subjects throughout the day. While students are away from the classroom, teachers plan lessons, grade assignments or meet with other teachers and staff.

In some schools, teachers may work on subject specialization teams in which they teach one or two specific subjects, typically either English and social studies or math and science. And there are some teachers who specialize in subjects such as art, music or physical education.

Texas public school teachers typically need a bachelor’s degree from a university accredited by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, an Early Childhood – Grade 6 certification and the completion of an Educator Preparation Program.


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Influence lives and help change the world.

Have you been inspired by a teacher? If you want to make a meaningful difference in others’ lives, careers in education offer many choices. From opportunities in grade school to high school, special education to bilingual, education can be a career where you can start as a teacher and transition to school administration. For most, but not all, careers in education you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree.



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