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Film/Video Editor/Camera Operator

The person who shoots and then pieces the story together, a film/video editor and camera operator capture the images that make a story. Often taking direction and working one-on-one with a creative director or film director, these occupations are central to bringing a director’s vision to life.

A camera operator shoots and records documentaries, motion pictures, music videos, television programs or news and sporting events. It’s a career that can grow into many directions including a cinematographer in motion pictures, studio camera operator on a news broadcast program or videographer who shoots special events or corporate promotional videos.

A film/video editor works with the director to edit scenes based on the overall vision. Using video-editing software, different cuts and scenes are spliced together to create a cohesive story.

With the increase in streaming services, film/video editors and camera operators are in high demand. Most camera operators and film/video editors have a bachelor’s degree in radio, television, video and film (RTVF), broadcasting or communications. As part of the degree, students in these fields are often required to complete courses in cinematography or video-editing software.


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