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The how-to person who makes the complex easy to understand. A technical writer takes complex and technical information to create how-to guides, instruction manuals and journal articles, white papers and even frequently asked questions. Ever read the quick start guide for a smart watch or smart phone? That was written by a technical writer.

Technical writers often work with the techies of a company like computer engineers, computer support specialists, and software developers. They also work across departments including product development, manufacturing, marketing, and customer relations to ensure all technical content is consistent and accurate in how it’s used and communicated.

Most technical writers have a bachelor’s degree in English or communications. Since so much of the writing is technical, having knowledge of a technical field like engineering, computer science or healthcare is a big plus.


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The arts are thriving in Texas – and you can too!

Feeling creative? You’ll be in good company in the arts and culture industry. If you’re technically inclined, you’ll find lots of opportunities to work behind the scenes – designing, directing, producing, writing and publishing multimedia and other creative content. Short-term training (usually from a few months to about two years) can get you started in some of these positions, while you’ll need more advanced training or a bachelor’s degree for others.

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